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Captains 2021

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The Captains debut as a High A team this year, and have a 30 man roster limit due to some (temporary?) rule changes. IndiansPro on twitter released a list of 30 players that have been assigned there, which is subject to change obviously but seems like who they will be rolling out with to start the season. Let's see!

SP: Logan T. Allen, Burns, F. Perez, Gallagher, Gaddis

These aren't officially noted as starters, but these 5 seem the most likely candidates. There are some notable absences here, including Carlos Vargas, Raymond Burgos, and Ethan Hankins. None have been listed, all are far more interesting prospects than Nick Gallagher or any of the piggyback candidates I list below here. It's possible they're dealing with some sort of injury. I'll also list Yefferson Yannuzzi here as someone who would logically make sense at this level as a starter, but their non-listing leaves them a possible cut candidate.

RP: Ponticelli*, Royalty*, M. Turner*, Coulter, Herrin, Hickman, Janczak, K. Kelly, Ocker, Rholl

There are 10 guys here, and 16 pitchers total. They have 15 position players listed, so I'm assuming somebody listed here will be on the IL. The guys listed with an asterisk are guys with previous starting experience who may be piggybacking with some of the younger starters to help load manage. It's obviously a lot of pitchers. Herrin is one of the relievers I'm most interested in as he's constantly on twitter posting himself working with high speed videos and such. He's a lefty that hits 95, so he's got at least something of a shot. For guys that might have made sense here but are unassigned... I have Marman, Degroat, Eichorn and Hart. They may be cut candidates.

C: Amditis, Lavastida, GP Gonzalez

I am *baffled* that GianPaul Gonzalez has stuck around given some of the names left off like Angel Lopez and Pinorini. Lavastida obviously figures to get most of the playing time

IF: Bracho, Delgado, Englemann, Naranjo, Rocchio, Tena, Schneemann

I'm assuming that Tena, Rocchio, and Bracho will be the most used pieces here, possibly rotating the middle IF positions, 3B and DH with Delgado. Naranjo should be the primary 1B with Englemann (former OF) his backup. Unassigned names that would work here include: Cantu, Connor Smith, Ike Freeman, and Joab Gonzalez

OF: Brennan, Q. Holmes, Nova, Valera, Wade

Probably the most exciting OF group in the system. Brennan was a high pick, Valera is a top prospect, and Victor Nova is apparently fully converting from 3B (he was part of the Bauer trade from SD). I had thought Wade would be in Akron, and Holmes seems more like depth at this point. Only notable OF I have at this level that's not assigned is Billy Wilson.