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Rules Changes

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MLB is implementing a number of significant rules changes at various levels of the minor leagues this season.  They include changes limiting defensive shifts, implementing an automated strike zone, enacting a pitch clock, restricting the number of pickoff attempts per at bat, redefining what an acceptable pickoff move is, and shortening the distance between bases.

Almost all of the changes are designed to create more offense.

Major League Baseball to deploy several experimental rules in minor leagues this season (

The Prosecutor
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Obviously all of them won't be adopted in the majors but at least one or two of them probably will. They have to do something to speed up the pace of the game and get more action. It's gotten to the point where the pitchers are taking too long between pitches, the shift is reducing the number of base hits, and the launch angle "revolution" is resulting in more home runs and strikeouts. 



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The pickoff rule I would want to see how that works. I do like the idea of eliminating pick attempts that are just to "keep the runner close" or waste time. If the spirit is "don't throw a bunch of attempts just to kill time" I support that. 

I grow tired of the shift debates where someone eventually comes into the debate with "learn to hit the other way!". As if it's as easy as going the other way in little league against 40 mph pitches.