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Changing the Name  

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Short-A newcomer
Joined: 5 months ago
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07/25/2020 8:12 pm  

Players also seem to be behind the name change, since they apparently agreed to wear the alt road blues with "Cleveland" across the front and no team name. Lindor spoke a bit about that being intentional.


The Prosecutor
Rookie League baller
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07/26/2020 8:39 am  

Here's a well thought out response from a Native American who is a long time Indians fan and former member of the House of Representatives.

He wants to keep the name but have the franchise help Indians by providing some financial assistance.  Like your uncle said, Willie, native Americans are more concerned about unemployment and addiction than the nicknames of sports teams. 

Your uncle was also concerned about "remembering the heritage of our people". That's why I suggested statues of Indians which depict them in a positive way. 

I live near a reservation where the tribe makes a lot of money through casino operations. They built a museum which depicts the every day life of their tribe before the Europeans arrived. They used archeology and historical accounts to make it as realistic as possible. They don't want things to be "as if they never existed". The museum shows they existed and how they lived. The Cleveland Indians could do something like that on a smaller scale at the Prog or a nearby site.  

Major league baseball and the other pro leagues should set up Native American relations offices, staffed with native American employees, where they interact with Indian organizations. In exchange for the use of names like  the Chief, Braves, Indians, etc they should financially support Indian organizations dedicated to lifting Indians out of poverty and addiction. 

I would go along with Mickey Edwards, who knows way more than I do about it. Francisco Lindor, who's a Puerto Rican, doesn't speak for native Americans. He's also a mercenary who will be playing for another team in a few months. I'm not a native American, either, but I was an Indians fan long before Lindor was born and will be long after he's gone, so I feel I have the right to post an opinion. 


Marty Taber
Draft Prospect
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07/26/2020 9:57 am  


i think they could easily keep the naive American theme by calling themselves the Shawnee, a native tribe prominent in Ohio in colonial times. They could have Tecumseh as part of their emblem, as he is recognized as perhaps the greatest of all native leaders in the early 19th century.  He was Shawnee. We shouldn’t just wipe out all traces of native life. 

Draft Prospect
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08/28/2020 4:04 pm  

Hi all, quite late to this conversation but this is something I’ve taken quite an interest in and have been kicking around in my head for quite a while. 

Appreciate all the commentary posted here. Prior to catching up with what you’ve all posted, I’d been in favor of using the Tribe moniker as the official team name as I thought it an ode to the team’s history but updated to a positive, inclusive imagery. 

I really like the suggestions posted here about a realistic depiction of a Native American(s) at the ballpark to accurately reflect the culture and lift up the bravery of the native peoples in their heritage as well as the ideas to connect philanthropically with Native American groups. Of course, having them at the table to present their wants, needs and input are absolutely vital to the process I think, particularly since it’s a complex issue with seemingly many points of view even within their own community! 

Lastly, I was super impressed with the suggestion of the name Buckeyes, particularly when it’s provenance with the Negro league team name was explained! The fact that it touches on the obvious pride the city of Cleveland should have with its pioneering leadership with the first AL black player and first black manager should definitely be uplifted and emphasized! Great, great suggestion! And with the same commitment to collaboration with the community by the organization as suggested above it makes for a compelling case. As to the confusion with the college football team I think that can certainly be worked around - I live in the NYC area where there is a lot of enjoyment in expressing the local football team as the “NY football Giants.” So the Cleveland Buckeyes vs the Ohio State Buckeyes could certainly work. Unless of course there might be some copywriter/trademark issues involved. 

So here I sit, compelled to two different candidates, liking them both. I would be happy if both those suggestions moved forward in the decision making process.


Again, appreciate the discussion all! 

Draft Prospect
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09/10/2020 8:21 pm  

How about the Cleveland Zeroes.  They can remove the "INDIANS" from the scoreboard and let the line score do the rest!

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