2021 MLB Draft Board

IBI’s resident MLB Draft expert Willie Hood puts together his board and comments on this year’s top draft eligible players.

Rd 1, Picks 1-5RHSPKumar Rocker6'425521.6Vanderbilthttps://youtu.be/A_2YgzCv7pc55+
CommentBig built righty likely goes off the board in the top two picks. Rocker is the son of former NFL defensive lineman Tracy Rocker. The younger Rocker features a mid-to-upper 90's FB.
Rd 1, Picks 1-5OFJud Fabian 6'219520.8Florida55+UP
CommentAdvanced bat, AA speed, solid D. RHH CF.
Rd 1, Picks 1-5SS Jordan Lawlar6'218519Dallas Jesuit, HS, TX55+
CommentAdvanced SS w/ mature approach.
Rd 1, Picks 1-103bBrady House6'321518.1Winder-Barrow HS, GA55
CommentRHH 3b, plus arm, ++raw pop.
Rd 1, Picks 1-10SS Matt McLain5'1117021.9UCLA55
CommentAdv bat, plus speed, verstaile defender, high instincts player.
Rd 1, Picks 1-10RHSPJack Leiter6'019521.2Vanderbilt55
CommentLow-to-mid 90's FB, t96, plus CB, 4-pitches. Son of Al Leiter, high upside arm.
Rd 1, Picks 1-103bAlex Binelas6'321021.1Louisville55
CommentLHH 3b, big pop, mig-order bat, ok defender.
Rd 1, Picks 1-10SS Marcelo Mayer6'318518.6Eastlake HS, CA55
CommentLHH SS, adv app, adv defender, long term SS.
Rd 1, Picks 5-15CAdrian Del Castillo5'1121021.8Miami50
CommentAdv approach, avg arm, worked to improve skills at C. Future pos?
Rd 1, Picks 5-15OFEthan Wilson6'221021.7South Alabama50
CommentAA bat and power. Mid-order bat. LLH LF.
Rd 1, Picks 5-15RHSPJaden Hill6'423521.6LSU 50DOWN
CommentFB t98, SL and CH better than avg, has CU too. Injuries.
Rd 1, Picks 10-25CHenry Davis6'219521.8Louisville50UP
CommentAdv app, ++arm, defense is avg.
Rd 1, Picks 10-25RHSPAndrew Painter6'623018.3Calvary Christian HS, FL50
CommentMid-90's heat, 4-pitch mix, AA control proj.
Rd 1, Picks 10-25OFColton Cowser6'319521.3Sam Houston St.50
CommentLHH OF, adv app, AA speed, avg pop.
Rd 1, Picks 10-25RHSPChase Petty6'318518.3Mainland Regional HS, NJ50
CommentMid-90s FB, t100, AA CH, inconsitent SL.
Rd 1, Picks 10-25OFChristian Franklin5'1118521.6Arkansas50UP
CommentRHH CF, AA raw pop, AA speed.
Rd 1, Picks 15-30LHSPSteven Hajjar6'521520.9Michigan
CommentAthletic LHSP, Low-to-mid 90's FB, SL and CH.
Rd 1, Picks 15-30OFRobby Martin6'321521.9Florida St.
CommentAdv app, AA raw pop, cOF.
Rd 1, Picks 15-30CIan Moller6'019518.7Wahlert HS, IA
CommentAA defender, AA arm, AA raw pop, LSU commit.
Rd 1, Picks 15-30OFTyree Reed6'218018.5American Canyon HS, CAUP
CommentLHH OF, Speed, arm, defense plus tools, possible rare 5-tool OF.
Rd 1, Picks 15-30RHSPJackson Jobe6'219019Heritage Hall HS, OK
CommentSL spin 3,000+, FB t95, 4-pitches.
Rd 1, Picks 15-30OFJames Wood6'623018.8IMG Academy, FL
CommentRaw ++ pop, AA speed, cOF? Athletic.
Rd 1, Picks 15-30OFLevi Usher6'021021.1Louisville
CommentLHH OF, AA speed and arm. Tools.
Rd 1, Picks 15-30CHarry Ford5'1018718.4North Cobb, GA
CommentToolsy C, AA arm, plus speed, quick bat. Move to CF?
Rd 1, Picks 15-30SSKhalil Watson5'918218.2Wake Forest HS
CommentAdv bat, plus speed, AA bat speed. Sticks at SS.
Rd 1, Picks 15-30OFBraylon Bishop6'017618.2Arkansas HS, AR
CommentToolsy OF, Plus speed, AA raw pop, FA bat.
Rd 1, Picks 25-50OF/RHPJosh Baez6'322018Dexter Southfield HS, MA
Comment2-way player. cOF type. Plus power, Plus arm. FB t97.
Rd 1, Picks 25-50OFSal Frelick5'917521.2Boston College
CommentSmall frame, top of the order type, ++speed. CF type.
Rd 1, Picks 25-50RHSP Ty Madden 6'321521.4Texas
CommentLow-90's, t96. AA CH, avgish SL.
Rd 1, Picks 25-50SS Cody Schrier6'119518.4JSerra Catholic HS, CA
CommentRHH MIF, exp. 3b. Future pos? plus speed, avg pop.
Rd 1, Picks 25-50RHSP Ryan Cusick6'622521.7Wake Forest
CommentMid-90's FB, t97, Plus proj. SL, CH, FA control.
Rounds CBA-23bIzaac Pacheco6'321018.7Friendswoods HS, TX
CommentLHH 3b, current SS. Frame to add more.
Rounds CBA-2RHSP Mason Black6'321021.6Lehigh
CommentMid-to-upper 90's FB, AA SL and CH.
Rounds CBA-2RHSPJack Perkins6'120021.6Louisville
CommentMid-90's FB, Plus proj. SL, avg SC, FA control. TJS in 2019.
Rounds CBA-2LHSPJosh Hartle6'320518.2Reagan HS, NC
CommentLow-90's FB, t94, avg SL and CH. 3/4 delivery.
Rounds CBA-2RHSPJohnathon Cannon6'620721Georgia
CommentLow-90's FB, T96. AA CH, avg CB and SL. Short track record.
Rounds CBA-2RHSPEric Cerantola6'522021.2Mississippi St.
CommentFB sits low-mid 90's, t97-98, CB and CH.
Rounds CBA-2LHSPChristian MacLeod6'423021.3Mississippi St.
CommentLow-90's FB, avg 3-pitch (SL and CH) mix, AA control.
Round 2
Rounds 2-4OF/RHPBraden Montgomery6'119618.2Madison Central HS, MS
Comment2-way player: Adv bat, strong arm. FB low 90s, CB, CH. Stanford commit.
Rounds 2-4LHSPGage Jump5'1118018.3JSerra Catholic HS, CA
CommentLow 90's FB, t93-94, 3 pitch mix, UCLA commit.
Rounds 2-4LHSPJordan Wicks6'322021.9Kansas St.
CommentLow 90's FB, t93-94, ++CH, 4-pitches.
Rounds 2-4SS Alex Mooney6'019019St. Mary's Prep, MI
CommentAA bat and speed. Can play 2b, SS, 3b.
Rounds 2-4C/1b/OFHunter Goodman6'121021.8Memphis
CommentVersatile C/OF, ++arm, AA raw pop, doesn't take enough walks.
Rounds 2-4RHSPTommy Mace6'722522.7Florida
CommentMid-90's FB reportedly t99, avg 4-pitch mix. AA control.
Rounds 2-4CFLonnie White Jr.6'320518.5Malvern Prep, PA
CommentToolsy OF, w/ plus speed, raw power.
Rounds 2-4RHSPIrving Carter6'421018.8Calvary Christian HS, FL
CommentMid-90's FB, mid-to-upper 80's SL and CH.
Rounds 2-4RHSPChase Burns6'122518.5Station Camp HS, TN
CommentFB t99-100, 4 pitches, SL proj. AA. FA control.
Rounds 2-4RHSPBen Kudrna6'319518.5Blue Valley Southwest HS, KS
CommentLow-90's FB, t95. AA SL, has CH too.
Rounds 2-4OFBenny Montgomery6'419518.8Red Land HS, PA
CommentToolsy OF, w/ plus speed, raw power, bat is a work in progress to smooth swing.
Rounds 2-4RHSPThatcher Hurd6'420518.6Mira Costa HS, CA
CommentLow-90's, t93, AA SL.
Rounds 2-4LHSPMaddux Bruns6'121019.1UMS-Wright Prep HS, AL
CommentMid-90's FB, t97. 4 pithes. FA control.
Rounds 2-4LHSPBrock Selvidge6'320518.9Hamilton HS, AZ
CommentLow-90's FB, t95. Low-80s SL, and CH.
Rounds 2-4CJoe Mack6'020318.6Williamsville East HS, NY
CommentSub-2 pop times. Plus arm, adv bat.
Rounds 2-4OFCamden Hayslip6'220019.1Friendship Christian, TN
CommentBat? has bat speed, strong arm, cOF.
Rounds 2-4OFDaylen Lile6'118518.6Trinity HS, Louisville, KY
CommentContact oriented app, LF type.
Rounds 2-4LHSPRicky Tiedemann6'319219.4JUCO
CommentLow-90's, FB SL and CH.
Rounds 2-4RHSPDavis Sharpe6'420521.5Clemson
CommentLow-90's FB, t96, avgish CB and CH.
Rounds 2-4SSCody Morrisette6'017521.5Boston College
CommentVersatile defender can play SS, 2b, 3b, avg bat.
Round 3
Rounds 2-4SSEdwin Arroyo5'1117017.9Arecibo Baseball Academy, PR
CommentSHH SS w/ plus arm, actions. AA raw pop.
Rounds 2-4SSNoah Miller6'018018.7Ozuwakee HS, WI
CommentSHH SS, adv bat and instincts. SImilar to his brother Owen Miller.
Rounds 2-42bRoc Riggio5'918019.1Thousand Oaks HS, CA
CommentOk St. commit, adv app / eye.
Rounds 2-4SSRyan Spikes5'818518.3Parkview HS, GA
Comment2B? Plus speed, quick hands.
Rounds 2-4RHSPMike Vasil 6'422521.3Virginia
CommentFB 88-90, higher? CH is AA, 4-pitches.
Rounds 2-4RHSPJP Massey6'521021.3Minnesota
CommentMid-90's heat, AA SL, FA CH.
Rounds 2-4CFLorenzo Carrier6'417818.2Appoquinimink HS, DE
CommentPlus speed and arm, AA raw pop, basketball player too. Miami commit.
Rounds 2-4LHPHugh Fisher6'519522.4Vanderbilt
CommentRP? plus SL, injury history.
Rounds 2-4RHSPKevin Abel6'219522.4Oregon St.
CommentFB sits low-90's, AA control. SL and CH too. TJS history.
Rounds 2-4RHSPMason Pelio6'323021Boston College
CommentLow-90's FB, t94. CH is AA, SL is FA.
Rounds 2-4RHSPMax Debiec6'720018.4O'Dea HS, Seattle, WA
CommentLow-90's FB, t upp 90's, SL and CH.
Rounds 2-4SSJustin Colon6'217518.2Montaverde Academy, FL
CommentStrong arm, AA defender, 3b? bat?
Rounds 2-4LHSPPete Hansen6'220021Texas
CommentLow-90's FB, t94, AA SL and CH, AA control.
Rounds 2-43bZack Gelof6'320521.7Virginia
CommentAA raw power, good bat to ball skills, few walks.
Rounds 2-4LHSPJohnathon Childress6'420521.5Texas A&M
CommentLow-90's FB, 3-pitch mix.
Rounds 2-4RHSPBen Specht6'121021.8Florida
CommentMid-90's FB, touched 98-99.
Rounds 2-4RHSPSean Burke6'623021.6Maryland
CommentAthletic for his size, mid-90's FB. plus CB.
Rounds 2-4RHSPLandon Marceaux6'018021.8LSU
CommentFB low-90's, t93, 4-pitches w/ proj. for AA control.
Rounds 2-4RHSPJack Leftwich6'422022.8Florida
CommentMid-90's FB, touching upper 90's.
Rounds 2-4LHSPSeth Lonsway6'320022.8Ohio St.
CommentMid-90's FB, ++CB, 4-pitches, 40< control.
Rounds 2-4RHSPEric Hammond6'417518.6Keller HS, TX
CommentMid-90's FB, 4- pitches, AA SL is best secondary.
Rounds 2-4LHRPAndrew Abbott6'017522.1Virginia
CommentLow-90's FB, t96, AA SL.
Rounds 2-4LHSPMason Albright5'1118518.6IMG Academy, FL
CommentLow-90's FB, 4 pitch mix. VA Tech commit.
Rounds 2-4SSNic Kent6'219021.3Virginia
CommentSS? Advanced app, w/ AA speed
Rounds 2-4RHSPBrandon Neely6'220518Spruce Creek HS, FL
CommentFlorida commit, low 90s FB, t94. 3 pitches.
Rounds 2-4SSMichael Braswell6'118518.9Campbell HS, GA
Comment50-55 Tools, avg arm.
Rounds 2-4OFMalakhi Knight6'318718.8Marysville-Getsell HS, WA
CommentPlus speed, w/ raw pop.
Rounds 2-4LHSPDrew Gray6'318018IMG Academy, FL
CommentLow-90's FB, t94, high spin FB & SL, 2-way player.
Rounds 2-4CFWill Taylor5'1016518.4Dutch Fork HS, SC
Comment70-Speed, gap hitter. Football player too w/ Clemson commit (WR).
Rounds 2-4CFParker Chavers5'1118523Coastal Carolina
CommentOlder prospect. CCL exp. S&M issues. AA speed.
Rounds 2-4SSJose Torres6'016221.8North Carolina St.
CommentAA defender, will stick at SS, bat?
Rounds 2-4SSLuke Leto6'219018.4Portage Central, MI
Comment3b? Avg speed, AA raw pop.
Round 4
Rounds 2-4RHSPTyler Thornton6'418521Arizona St.
CommentLow-90's FB, t94, CB and CH are avgish.
Rounds 2-4RHSPMason Erla6'421523.9Michigan St.
CommentLow-90's FB, 3 pitches. Older prospect.
Rounds 2-4RHSPTrenton Denholm 5'1118021.5UC Irvine
CommentLow-90's FB, plus CH, avg SL.
Rounds 2-4SSRyan Bliss5'916521.6Auburn
CommentBelow avg power, adv app, AA speed, future 2b?
Rounds 2-4RHSPBrandon Birdsell6'421021Texas A&M
CommentMid-90's FB, t99. CU, CB, CH. avg control?
Rounds 2-4SSMaxwell Muncy6'219018.7Thousand Oaks HS, CA
CommentMove to 3b? avg bat, pop, and speed.
Rounds 2-4OFIsaiah Thomas6'219021.3Vanderbilt
CommentAA arm, speed, pop. Doesn't walk.
Rounds 2-42bMax Ferguson6'118021.9Tennessee
CommentVersatile, AA spped, minimal pop.
Rounds 2-4RHSPSam Bachman6'123521.8Miami, OH
CommentMid-90's FB, SL and CH.
Rounds 2-4LHSPChris Weber6'422521.7Texas A&M
CommentRP turned SP. AA control.
Rounds 2-4CCasey Opitz5'1120023Arkansas
CommentAA defender, plus arm, SHH C w/ 40 bat.
Rounds 2-4LHSPDoug Nikhazy5'1020521.9Ole Miss
CommentUpper-80's to low-90's FB, 4-pitches, avg control.
Rounds 2-4LHSPRodney Boone6'217521.4UCSB
CommentLow 90s FB, 4-pitch mix.
Rounds 2-4RHSPCarson Seymour6'424022.6Kansas St.
CommentLow-to-mid 90s FB, t96, 4-pitch mix, FA control.
Rounds 2-4LHSPEvan Shawver6'019021Cincinnati
CommentLow-90's FB, t94, AA SL, and nice CH too.
Round 5
Rounds 5-7SSEthan Murray5'1118021.1Duke
CommentSmart player, future UTL type.
Rounds 5-7LHSPMichael Kirian6'623522.5Louisville
CommentLow-90's FB, t95. CB, CU, and CH. Former RP.
Rounds 5-7RHSPTanner Bibee6'2 19022.4Cal St. Fullerton
CommentLow-90's FB, T93, AA SL, CH, w/ AA control.