Arbitration eligible players
Austin Hedges2824.166ARB 2 ($3.1M)ARB 3
Francisco Lindor2735.113ARB 3 ($21.5M)FREE AGENT
Phil Maton2813.047ARB 1 ($1M)ARB 2ARB 3
Nick Wittgren3014.071ARB 2 ($2.2M)ARB 3
Guaranteed Contracts
Carlos Carrasco34N/A9.1474yrs/$47M (19-22) w/ 23 $14M option w/ $3M buyout$12M$12M$14M (option year with $3M buyout).FREE AGENT
Jose Ramirez28N/A6.0745yrs/$26M (17-21) & 22-23 team options w/ 22 $2M team option.$9.4M$11M$14M (option year with $3M buyout).
Roberto Perez32N/A6.0834yr/$9M w/21-22 team options.$5.5M team option exercised.$7.5k team option w/ $450k buyout.FREE AGENT
Pre-arbitration eligible
Logan Allen2420.083Pre-Arbpre-arbpre-arbARB 1ARB 2ARB 3
Gabiel Arias2130Pre-Arbpre-arbpre-arbpre-arbARB 1ARB 2ARB 3
Jake Bauers2501.1Pre-Arbpre-arbARB 1ARB 2ARB 3
Shane Beiber2622.097Pre-Arbpre-arbARB 1ARB 2ARB 3FREE AGENT
Bobby Bradley2510.023Pre-Arbpre-arbpre-arbARB 1ARB 2ARB 3
Yu Chang2511.005Pre-Arbpre-arbpre-arbARB 1ARB 2ARB 3
Aaron Civale2621.058Pre-Arbpre-arbpre-arbARB 1ARB 2ARB 3
Emmanuel Clase2330.059Pre-Arbpre-arbpre-arbARB 1ARB 2ARB 3
Ernie Clement2530Pre-Arbpre-arbpre-arbpre-arbARB 1ARB 2ARB 3
Sam Hentges2410Pre-Arbpre-arbpre-arbpre-arbARB 1ARB 2ARB 3
Cam Hill2720.158Pre-Arbpre-arbpre-arbpre-arbARB 1ARB 2ARB 3
Jordan Humphreys2530Pre-Arbpre-arbpre-arbpre-arbARB 1ARB 2ARB 3
Daniel Johnson2520.036Pre-Arbpre-arbpre-arbpre-arbARB 1ARB 2ARB 3
Nolan Jones2330Pre-Arbpre-arbpre-arbpre-arbARB 1ARB 2ARB 3
James Karinchak2531.017Pre-Arbpre-arbpre-arbARB 1ARB 2ARB 3FREE AGENT
Jordan Luplow2712.112Pre-Arbpre-arbARB 1ARB 2ARB 3
Triston McKenzie2320.103Pre-Arbpre-arbpre-arbpre-arbARB 1ARB 2ARB 3
Jean Carlos Mejia2410Pre-Arbpre-arbpre-arbpre-arbARB 1ARB 2ARB 3
Oscar Mercado2611.114Pre-Arbpre-arbpre-arbARB 1ARB 2ARB 3
Eli Morgan2530Pre-Arbpre-arbpre-arbpre-arbARB 1ARB 2ARB 3
Scott Moss2620Pre-Arbpre-arbpre-arbpre-arbARB 1ARB 2ARB 3
Josh Naylor2431.118Pre-Arbpre-arbpre-arbARB 1ARB 2ARB 3
Kyle Nelson2430.022Pre-Arbpre-arbpre-arbpre-arbARB 1ARB 2ARB 3
Zach Plesac2631.058Pre-Arbpre-arbpre-arbARB 1ARB 2ARB 3
Adam Plutko2902.063Pre-Arbpre-arbARB 1ARB 2ARB 3
Cal Quantrill2621.132Pre-Arbpre-arbpre-arbARB 1ARB 2ARB 3
Franmil Reyes2522.115Pre-Arbpre-arbARB 1ARB 2ARB 3
Beau Taylor3120.168Pre-Arbpre-arbpre-arbARB 1ARB 2ARB 3
Carlos Vargas2130Pre-Arbpre-arbpre-arbpre-arbARB 1ARB 2ARB 3
Bradley Zimmer2812.119Pre-Arbpre-arbARB 1ARB 2ARB 3
TOTAL PAYROLL COMMITMENTS: 2021 2022 2023 2024 2025 2026
Total options available.N/A$18.5M$28M
Total option buyouts.$1.75M$2M$3M
Performance bonuses.$150k
Guaranteed contracts.$26.9M$12M
Arbitration projections via Note: the highest estimate for each player was used.$27.9M
Pre-arbitration eligible.$575k x 25 players = $14.375M
Player benefits.$15.5M$15.5M$15.5M$15.5M$15.5M$15.5M
Minor Leaguers.$2.5M$2.5M$2.5M$2.5M$2.5M$2.5M
Competitve balance total. (Tax threshold $210M).$89.530M