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Agree...  the sole and exclusive purpose for the minor leagues is to develop and feed the parent club with major league ready players for the purpose of competing. If that means packaging two or three guys from  the minors to acquire a ML player.. that's what needs to be done..

The crying and hand wringing over losing what a prospect might become (Jesus Aguilar.. Anthony Santander.. etc) can't be perfectly foreseen. The club that deals a ML player and realizes the best a prospect becomes gets TWO ..not just one.. ATTA BOYZ !! 

That said.. the return for Lindor, if he is traded, has to include one ML regular, preferably, an outfielder.. Whoever comes with Lindor may become the next Kluber or Santander (simply based on so many former Indians trades) or can be packaged with some current Indians minor leaguers or major leaguers to return the "next" most important need for the club. BTW.. that could be another OF'er..

Fantasy Baseball and Simulation Games have spoiled or ruined so many baseball fans.. The dreaded disease: AmateurGM-itis allows most die hard fans into imagining baseball trades that would create several World Series appearances and wins.. Sadly.. seldom do ANY of these "deals" come to pass (most because they're just not close enough and never will be close enough to be considered even "value"..)  

..but the deal I think will work.. sending Lindor and an SP to the Reds.. who will.. blah blah blah.. AmateurGm-Itis is contagious.. 


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Lindor out to the Mets, along with Carrasco. As of right now, the Indians have the lowest payroll in the game. 

Some folks online are furious about including Carrasco, who obviously was the longest tenured player and just came back from leukemia. 

Coming back is a decent return, but certainly nothing mind blowing. 

2B/SS Gimenez probably qualifies as the headliner. I would say he's likely the opening day 2B, maybe initially in a platoon with Chang but not necessarily. 

SS Amed Rosario represents some salary coming back (arb 1, could be about $2.6m) as well as your likely new opening day SS. Rosario broke out a bit in 2019, but struggled in a small sample last year. The question eventually is how he fits long term, or if he ends up getting flipped as well maybe at this summer's deadline. 

Two young prospects coming back as well. 19 year old OF Isiaah Greene has a sweet looking swing and a high contact approach that the team likes. RHP Josh Wolf is a mid 90s pitcher with a plus curve, 12-6 action. Both sound like the kind of prospect the team loves. But obviously are years away. 

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Believe the Lindor trade was fair. ... Gimenez will be the SS. His 5 outs above ave. is impressive as he was not even full time until the end of season. I think it would be wise to resign Hernandez and put Rosario in the OF.

Willie Hood
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I know that the Mets considered a move to CF in 2019 according to some Mets fans I spike with. That was before his 2019 break out of sorts. He has the arm, speed and athleticism to handle CF, RF or LF.

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